A picture of me, an East Asian woman in her 20's with shoulder length black hair wearing all black
Hey there!

I'm Lilly Lin

I’m a designer and interactive developer based in New York City. I like accessible, inclusive design and facilitating learning through design. Read more about my background and interests below!

My Resume
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I graduated from UCLA in 2019 with my BA in Psychology. During my time at UCLA I worked in a systems neuroscience lab as a research assistant, originally intending to pursue a post-graduate degree in neuroscience...fast forward to 2022, I'm now in NYC getting ready to graduate from NYU with my MS in Integrated Design and Media!
So why design?
Although I worked in a wet lab, I had an interest in human computer interaction as well as visual design. As I picked up more experience in these fields through personal projects and exploration and freelance illustration work, I took note of what unique tools I was learning, but more importantly, the overlap in skills that my interests shared. Mouse over each circle and their overlapping areas to see the similarities!